Lodge Farm Clay Club

Lodge Farm Clay Club, Lodge Farm Business Centre, Castethorpe North Bucks MK19 7ES


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Have you ever thought about trying

Clay Target Shooting?

We offer introductory lessons to this great sport.

1 Hour lesson includes the first 25 clays and cartridges £35.00. .

If you would like to bring a friend or two we charge an extra

£25.00 per person.We normally find complete novices will take

the full hour to shoot 25 clays, however, a more advanced pupil

will shoot between 40 or 50 clays.

Guns Safety equipment (glasses, ear defenders) Jackets are all

supplied for your use in the above price.

If you would like to book a lesson(s) or would like further information

contact Tony Cooper on 07891 231190 or

email tony.cooper23@btinternet.com

Opening time: Every other Sunday, Start 9.30

(to see Coaching Dates & Times click here)

Phone: 01908 516464 or 07788 853 685   

www.beaterslodge.co.uk   E-mail: darren@beaterslodge.co.uk


01908 516464  

07788 853 685  

Membership, £30.00 a Year

It’s  easy, eather print out the form below,

fill it in and hand it in with your hard earned cash


pick up a form in the The Beaters Lodge.

 Please click here

1. Print it out.  2. Fill it in.  3. Hand it to Nat

 at The Beaters Lodge.


If you wish for information about club membership, coaching lessons or anything regarding the club please contact Darren (Club owner) or Tony (Club Coach) on the numbers below or email Tony.                             

See Fixtures & Rules for shoot Dates



or 01908 516464 (The Beaters Lodge)