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Shoot Report                                                                                   14th JULY 2019


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Darren Mavir


The Beaters Lodge


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The Snapper

Well let’s start with the weather, overcast but bright so spotting the clays was no problem. Darren had set up a fairly straight forward shoot today with possibly one exception…THE RABBIT, here's what Simon had to say about it,  “fast and a long way off, I only saw a couple being hit, even D.M. couldn’t hit them today. Rumours of Darren loading the trap with unbreakable rabbits abound, see the photographic evidence”. Not quite sure about the unbreakable rabbit bit Simon, but you never know with Darren, this was combined with a high bird over the top of the trees which most people were hitting as it started to drop, So if there was a stand that was going to knock a hole in your card it was that one. Probably the stand that gave the most satisfaction was the pair of battues (usually quite difficult),  if you caught them just right you could save yourself a few cartridges by hitting them both with one shot, not only did it feel good to do that, it also looked pretty spectacular. As I said the rest of the stands were fairly straight forward so if you scored between 45 and 55 you were doing well, anything between 55 and 65 you must have been on form, the highest score I saw was 63 followed by the words that B****y rabbit. As for the SportTrap, it started of a bit slow but by 10.30 Jason was kept on his toes with squad after squad. I  didn't get a chance to check out the scores but some of the targets looked pretty hard to me, I could be wrong but I don’t think anyone straighted it.  

Now for a quick moan, plastic wads were found on the ground after the shoot (SEE RULES), I've said this before, please check that you are using fibre wad cartridges only. Plastic wads can cause serious damage if they are picked up by the farmers combine harvester. If you see or if you think someone is using plastic wad cartridges please inform one of the staff, cheers. Once again big thanks to The Snapper for the pictures of you guys.  

Well that’s it from me for four weeks as the club will be closed on the 28th July, everything returns to normal on the 11th August,  well as normal as it can get, see you then.         

Here’s a date to put in your diary, The Club will be Closed on the 28th July