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Well I hope you all enjoyed yourselves this morning and judging by the people I managed to speak to you did. I mean how could you not, weather, spot on, great company and hitable targets, well most of them anyway, did anyone manage to straight the battue stand? It was a good turn out with quite a few new faces (welcome to LFCC) and some I hadn’t seen for a while. As I was holding a Basic Shotgun Handling and Safety Course for most of the morning  I didn’t get a chance to check on folks score cards so have no idea what the average score was, although the cards that I did see where around the 45 to 55 mark if that’s anything to go by. As for the SportTrap (Compact) Jason was once again kept busy, as I said last time more and more people are taking it up, that’s because it’s fun and you don’t have to walk to far. I believe the highest scorer of the morning was Ricky with 23, I think Jason and Darren are making the targets that bit more difficult well at least Paul thinks so, he wasn’t a happy bunny with his shooting but he did put on a brave smiling face at the end, 25 next time Paul. See you all at the next shoot on the 9th August, take care and stay safe.               

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook to see if any changes take place regarding Covid-19 or the coaching for novice/beginners.


Shoot Report                                                                                   26th July 2020



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