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Shoot Report                                                                                1st December 2019


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Darren had to set up on his own this morning as Ollie was busy at his farm, not a real problem that is until he came to set up the SportTrap. One of the traps was tripping out and causing the layout, coaching traps plus the club house to shut down, try as he might he could not find which one of the traps was causing the shut down and with only a short time left before opening it was decided to close the SportTrap until he had more time to find the culprit (trap) responsible, at least the club house got it’s power back on. Sorry about the SportTrap being out of commission and I hope it didn’t spoil your mornings shoot. As for this mornings shoot, well you can’t moan about the weather, started of slightly overcast but soon developed into a powder blue sky with a few white clouds, although the sun was shinning it wasn’t doing a good enough job of taking that chill away. Targets this morning were very hitable, yes I know I quite often say that but these were, and judging by the cards I saw and the smiling faces I think I was right this time, most cards varied between 40 and 60 with a high of 66  and a low of 27 but this was only their second shoot, so well done to you, in fact well done to everyone. As I said the coaching traps were down so we had to utilise a couple of the sporting layouts. Firstly there was  Mark, Sean and Dwayne (sorry forgot to take a picture of you guys) all had shot before but not for some time so it was back to basics. It didn’t take them long to get back into the swing of it and they  were hitting their fair share of clays. Next there was Rob, here for his second lesson, we wanted to concentrate on quartering and crossing targets. It took a few shots to stop him aiming at the clay like a rifle and stopping the gun (swing). Once he gained the confidence to look at the  target rather than the muzzles he was hitting more clays than missing, not bad for his second lesson.     

You may or may not know that Darren was rushed into hospital last weekend. I will not go into details about why, you can ask him yourselves suffice to say he’s back to his normal self, well as normal as Darren can get, we all wish you well mate, take it easy, fat chance!

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and once again sorry about the SportTrap. See you all on the 15th December.                                             

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