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Shoot Report                                                                               10th March 2019


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This is going to be my shortest report yet and I’ve done some short ones. As you can see from the picture below  (taken at 8 o’clock) it was overcast and the wind was gusting from left to right and front to back, not the best of weather to set up a clay shoot but somehow Darren managed it, well done mate. The sky did clear and the sun poked it’s head out in front of a blue background but the wind kept coming and going. I didn't get a chance to check out the 70 bird or the SportTrap, didn’t even have time to take any happy snaps of you lads and ladets. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and hit lots of clays, despite the wind. As I said, short. See you all on the 24th March.     


Darren Mavir


The Beaters Lodge


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