Shoot Report.                                                                                   16th May 2021

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Turn out was a bit down from the normal, I put this down to folks looking a the weather report for this morning which I must admit was telling us it was going to be overcast with a chance of rain, WRONG it was a cracking day, blue sky white/greyish fluffy clouds and the sun was shining. So if you're a fair weather shooter you missed a great mornings shoot. Darren had put on an eclectic range of targets, sorry I don’t know where that came from what I meant to say was he’d put on a wide range of targets that were all hitable. Scores between 40 and 50 seemed to be the norm with the highest score of 61 shot by Paul G, well shot mate. All the Sporting shooters had finished by about 12.15 which was good news for Graham and Simon as they could start putting things away and clearing up early. As for the SportTrap, like the Sporting it was also down on attendance giving Jason an easy time of it for once. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves this morning, LFCC will be back on the 30th May, see you then.