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Shoot Report                                                                                23rd February 2020


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Well lets start with the weather, not as windy as the last shoot but still enough to make the targets move around from their intended path. No rain, that was until about 10.30 when the heavens opened up for about twenty minutes, so I hope you all had your waterproofs on. Then low and behold the sun came out and the wind dropped off slightly, so all in all it turned out to be a nice mornings shoot (so long as you had waterproofs on). You will have noticed that the SportTrap was not on, the reason was the same as last time, safety, Darren felt it was to risky with the wind possibly blowing the clays to close to the shooters, hopefully it will be back on for the next shoot, wind permitting. A couple of stands to mention, the battues proved to be very hitable as a pair if the wind kept them together, one shot was all it took, not only was this very satisfying to do you also saved on a few cartridges, bonus! Stand seven, now this was a bit trickier, high crossing bird over the trees (right to left) followed by a quartering right to left travelling at a fair rate of speed. I only saw one person give this stand a good thrashing (there might have been a few more) others were only hitting 2 or 3 targets but I will say there were lots of smiling faces plus good humoured banter between the shooters. I didn’t get to check out any score cards so I can’t say what the average score was, you know what you scored and as long as you enjoyed yourselves that’s all that matters. See you at the next shoot on the 8th March.

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