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Shoot Report                                                                               12th January 2020


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First shoot of the year and a dry one although it was a bit soggy under foot  due to the amount of rain that has fallen and the grass not having time to dry out, so as long as you weren’t wearing your favourite trainers you should have been fine.  I didn’t get a chance to wonder around the shoot today so I can’t say from first hand experience what the lay outs were like, the shooters I did manage to speak to seemed to have had a good time and hitting most of the targets (most not all).

Here comes a moan, PLASTIC WADS, when clearing up after the shoot, quite a few of these were found at the rabbit layout they were  easy to spot on the ground!  I imagine others ended up in the fields and would have been difficult to spot.  I’ve spoken about this before, they are NOT allowed to be used here at LFCC as these little plastic devils can cause havoc with the farm machinery. It’s in the club rules which are in the club house and on this website. I would imagine that these were used by one or two of our guests and not our regulars as they would know better. If you see or think someone is using plastic wad cartridges please inform one of the members of staff and they will deal with it, thank you, moan over.

At the coaching area we had Chris and his wife Maxine, Chris has been several time before and has now purchased his own gun but this was a first for Max who has a slight problem. She is right handed and has limited sight from her right eye. Having not used a shotgun before it was fairly simple to get Max to shoot from her left shoulder, the only problem was that Chris’s gun was much to long and heavy for her to handle safely so out came the short stock 20 bore, perfect. It didn’t take long for Max to understand the fundamentals of shooting at a moving target and in no time at all she was breaking clays. We had to do a few modifications to Chris’s stock i.e. lengthen it by 20mm and raise the comb by about 2mm, it will take some fine tuning  but will be fine once  he gets the correct spacers etc fitted to it,  (it will look better than the bits and piece I taped to it). Well that’s it from me for another fortnight, see you at the next shoot on the 26th January.  

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