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Shoot Report                                                                                 3rd November 2019


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A bit on the quiet side this morning for some reason, “don't mention the rugby” yes I know we only came second so a lot of you might have been in mourning or it could have been that the kids are on school holidays and you've been dragged off to the shops to buy them new and exciting things, what ever it was you missed a good shoot. Darren had set up a good array of targets, something for everyone to blast out of the sky. Mind you having said that,there were a pair of quartering targets which some folk decimated and other’s failed to hit, the same with the high bird over the trees and the teal. This would probably explain that one or two of the cards I saw were in the high twenties and others were in the high fifties, best card was 66. The shooters I spoke to and there were quite a few, all enjoyed them selves and the variety of targets Darren had put on so a good time was had by all plus the weather was on our side. At the coaching area there was Steve and Ian, they were here to brush up on their game shooting skills. Best of luck on the 6th lads, hope you manage to bag a few. I would like to thank Graham for taking a few pictures and sending them to me, cheers mate. Well that’s it from me, another short report hopefully it will be a bit more indepth next time. See you at the next shoot on the 17th November.                            

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