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Shoot Report                                                                                   22nd March 2020


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What a cracking morning, blue skies & sun shining down on us, remember them days, slight chill in the wind to start with but it did warm up. We were going to have a competition with the prize being a six pack of toilet rolls but unfortunately Darren couldn't find any for love or money, sorry about that maybe next time. I did get a chance to wonder around the shoot taking some pic’s and chatting with you guys, most of you found the targets to your liking but Darren being Darren threw in a couple of testing long distance ones  just to keep you on your toes. Talking of distance well done to everyone for observing the required social distance from each other, I know it’s quite difficult to stand that far away when you’re having a conversation with your friends but at least you were out in the fresh country air, all be it making a load of noise, but its fun isn't it. Many of you asked if the shoot would be going ahead on the 5th April, as far as I know the answer to that is yes but a lot can happen in two weeks. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date with what’s happening.

Hopefully see you at the next shoot on the 5th April.

One last thing The Beaters Lodge has it’s own  website www.beaterslodge.co.uk  plus it now has a Facebook page, so pop along there and check them out.

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Owing to the governments latest rulings on the Covid-19 virus (gov.uk/coronavirus). Sorry to say the club will be closed on the 5th April and will remain that way until further notice. Look forward to seeing all of you once this is all over and we have our freedom back.We will do our best to keep you informed, keep an eye on the website and Facebook page. Say safe.