Shoot Report.                                                                                   13th June 2021

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Well you could not complain about the weather this morning, having said that there were one or two folk saying it was to hot but I suppose that’s what us Brit’s do best, moan about the weather what ever it’s doing. Darren had lots of requests at the last shoot to bring back the squirrel, that’s the one that rolls down the slope that you all love to hate. So Darren being the thoughtful sort of chap obliged by combining the squirrel with the rabbit, the rabbit was a right to left crosser and the squirrel just rolling down the slope in front of you, easy. You’d think so wouldn’t you, but no, most of the little fellows escaped with out a scratch on them, admittedly it could be difficult to see being a black clay in a some what shaded area or were you thinking red squirrel can’t shoot that!  One person that thought they were greys was Emma she nailed them. Well shot Emma. Yes it is the target you all love to hate but it does bring out the humorous banter between you guys. The rest of the layouts were typical Darren, all were hitable with  some taking a bit of thought before you shot at them. There was a target on the SportTrap that was catching quite a few people out, I think it was trap A or B any way it was a low left to right crosser, I’m sure it was being given the right amount of lead but because it was such a low clay it was being missed over the top, what ever the reason it was knocking a hole in  score cards, apart from that everyone was shooting well and enjoying themselves. A quick thanks to Graham for taking over the scoring from Jason as he had to dash of, cheers mate. Another one to say thanks to is Hills in the Club House serving you tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches, she felt quite alone as very few people were ordering, was this down to the weather (being to hot) or had they forgotten that she is serving from the Club House door.  Hope everyone enjoyed them selves this morning and managed to hit most of their targets.                

LFCC will be back on the 27th June, see you then.