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Shoot Report                                                                                20th October 2019


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You may have noticed that its darker for longer first thing in the morning so it wont be long before Darren along with Ollie will be setting up the shoot by torch light, the things they do to keep you guys happy! Darren had set up a good combination of targets, so I was told by some of the members as I didn’t get a chance to check them out for myself. Some more testing than other’s but all hitable, take stand one for example which I did manage to observe, a going away in front of you followed by a left to right crosser at about 25 metres out, fine.The problem was with the crossing bird, as the morning wore on the trap arm had moved it’s self so it became a quartering going away bird which added about another 5, 7 or 9 metres to your breaking point depending on what time of the morning you shot it, first thing hitable later not so hitable, sorry about that, we're blaming Graham for not tightening it up properly, he’ll be spending the night in the stocks as punishment. The weather was  kind to us again, slightly overcast with very little wind I guess this helped with the excellent turn out of members and non-members this morning. Please do remember if you’re bringing someone to shoot that does not hold a current Shotgun Certificate they have to make themselves known when they book in at The Beaters Lodge. Just a quick moan, it’s to do with those of you who use semi-automatics please pick up your spent cartridge cases and place them in the bins provided when you’ve finished shooting, as there were cartridge cases to the right of nearly all the cages.  I’m hoping these were from  non-members who do not know the rules, (these can be found in the clubhouse or on the website) as I know our members who use them are pretty vigilant about clearing up their spent cases. While we're on the subject of cartridges we haven't come across any plastic wads for quite some time now which is good news, well done to you all for checking that you  are only using fibre wad cartridges. I must congratulate Will who was at the coaching area for hitting all but one of the crossing targets, good shooting. Elliot, Alex and Graham all first timers ended up having a little competition  between themselves, we moved forwards towards the incoming target, about 16 metres, the challenge was who could hit the target the earliest, five shots each, they all hit some of them but there could only be one winner, Graham! Well shot Birthday Boy. Well that’s it from me, see you at the next shoot on the 3rd November.                   

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