Shoot Report.                                                                                   11th July 2021

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I didn’t have much to say about the last shoot and I’ve got even less to say about this mornings one. Didn’t get a chance to walk round the layouts didn’t even bump in to anyone to find out how they got on. The only thing I know is that Darren told me he’d put on a fairly easy shoot and that included the squirrel, that reminds me I did hear someone saying that they hit all of the the squirrels, so maybe just maybe Darren did make today's shoot a bit easer, well done to everyone that managed to blat clays out of the sky and the ones on the ground. I would like to thank Chris and Harry for taking Eduardo under their wing, he’s had a few lessons and this was he’s first time at shooting the 70 bird sporting I believe he did quite well for his first go. Just a reminder if the Game Fair goes ahead as planned the club will be closed on the 25th July as most people will be attending it. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for any updates.

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we will see you back here on the 8th August if not before.