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Shoot Report                                                                                    19th May 2019


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When Darren and Ollie were setting up the shoot this morning they were doing so in an early morning mist, not a problem, they still managed to put on some good targets for you. Not that I saw any as once again I didn’t get to see them for myself, I’m just just going on what folk have told me. The only problem stands were Denches Heights (stand 7), which would normally mean standing on the tower but this time you stood next to it on the ground, the going away target was not a problem, the second target was a quartering incomer which apparently was difficult to pick up. The other stand was the good old high tower over the trees, the only problem here was the sun (when it came out) when you picked up the target it would cross in front of the big yellow thing causing you to lose sight of it (dark glasses or wait for a cloud) but apart from these two everything else was hitable. It was a good turn out for the 70 bird sporting with lots of smiling faces from the people that had finished their shoot. Jason is on holiday so Graham stood in for him on the SportTrap aided by Simon, between them they managed to put through nine squads so they were pretty much nonstop all morning. I know there was at least one 25 straight and that was shot by Paul, there might have been more but I could only watch the last squad, as I was kept busy at the coaching area where I got to meet some really nice people who loved breaking clays, well done to all of you. We are thinking of holding a basic shotgun handling and safety course at the next shoot, so we're looking for a group of about 4 to 6 people,  so if you or if you know someone who would benefit from such a course, contact me for further details. See Contact Us on this website for phone numbers and email. Once again big thanks to Simon for the pictures. See you all on the 2nd June.         


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