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Shoot Report.                                                                               4th April 2021

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Well what can I say, it was fantastic to be back shooting those pesky little black things that fly through the air with the  greatest of ease, but we're here to stop them and what a day to do it on, blue sky with very little wind and the  sun shining down on us, brilliant. Darren had been busy cutting grass, setting up new traps (did anybody notice) and giving the ground a general tidy up, he was also up at the crack of dawn (no silly comments please) making final adjustments to the traps/clays flight lines, busy boy. Not surprisingly there was a fine turn out of members and non-members this morning both on the Sporting and the SportTrap (compact), even Hills was kept on her toes serving tea, coffee and bacon sandwich's from the side door of the club house which pleased a lot of hunger shooters. It was good to see folk sticking to the no more than 6 to a squad rule and making use of the hand sanitizers on each stand, I know it’s a pain but it’s for our own protection, let hope it didn't spoil your fun and judging by the people I saw and spoke to there was no chance of that happening. I hope you all managed to hit most of your targets and didn’t use the excuse of “well I haven’t shot for months” all though that would have been a good one to use. Once again we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and LFCC will be back on the 18th April, lets hope the weather is at least half as nice as it was today, see you then. Don’t forget the government rulings regarding Covid-19 will still apply. Once again a BIG thanks to Simon for managing to grab a few pic’s for me, cheers mate.