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Another day worth getting out of bed for, especially if you want to go shooting, any type of shooting, but here at Lodge Farm we like nothing more than blasting clays out of the sky or a least we do our best to do so. I knew it couldn’t last, over the last couple of shoots the targets had been; lets say less testing than normal, well Darren’s back to his old evil ways and threw in some targets that caught a lot of folk out. Individually the targets were straight forward but when seen as a pair you had to choose the pick up point with care otherwise you ended up chasing after the clay and missing it behind. But even some of the easer targets caused problems, it’s called complacency, hit the first 7 or 8 then miss the last 2 or 3. I chatted with a number of shooters that this happened to and they all said more or less the same thing, it was their own fault for not paying attention to every target, “complacency !!”. The highest score card I saw was 57 so if you scored 40 and above you were doing well. The SportTrap or Compact as some people like to call it is really becoming popular with more and more shooters taking it up. It’s not as complicated as it looks, so why not come along a give it ago. Sorry Jason I know you were run of your feet today keeping all those squads under control but a few more won’t hurt you, well done mate.               

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Shoot Report                                                                                   12th July 2020



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