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Yet another good shoot put on by Darren, a few interesting targets but nothing out of reach of most shooters. This is beginning to sound like a record repeating it’s self (for those of you who don’t know what a record is, it’s a black flat disc with grooves in it that makes music, ha ha ). I didn’t get to walk around the shoot to see how you guys were coping with the targets.  I did however manage to speak to quite a few of you after you had finished and the results were all favourable with scores from the mid’ 40s to the high 50s and I’m sure there must have been some higher scores and no doubt some lower one’s. The main thing was that you all enjoyed yourselves this morning, so well done to you and Darren for making it an entertaining shoot. For some reason attendance was a bit down from the norm’ even Jason on the SportTrap was having an easy time of it, and he’s normally rushed of his feet. So by twelve o’clock nearly everyone had finished which gave Darren and Graham a chance to start clearing up early  which meant they could get home earlier. I did manage to grab a few pictures of you guys, mostly at long range so not that good, still better than nothing. Well once again I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, see you all at the next shoot on the 1st November, take care and stay safe. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook to see if any changes take place regarding Covid-19 or the coaching for novice/beginners.


Shoot Report                                                                                18th October 2020



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