Shoot Report                                                19th September 2021
It was a bit quiet on the ground this morning, I put this down to the weather, if you had checked the weather report it wasn’t looking to bright in fact it was looking a bit wet. But as it turned out it wasn’t too bad, yes it was overcast and we had a little splash of rain but overall a nice day to go shooting. Darren had set up some good targets some more challenging than others but all hitable. I think it was stand 5 that had a slow right to left looper followed by a screaming low right to left crosser, it was one of those targets that had you beaten before you got in the cage or so it would seem, as it turned out there were more folk hitting it than missing it. Moral of the story is don’t let the sight of a target put you off until you’re in the shooting position and nailing the little bugger. Then there were the bateau, normally Darren sets these up so that you, the shooter has a good view of the flat of the clay, not today, up it went edge on and carried on its way showing just a sliver of a target until it was about ten or twelve feet from the ground then turned to show its flat side not leaving you a lot of time to shoot them, if you got the pair of them you were doing well. I had a chat with a few shooters to find out if they had enjoyed themselves and what their scores were, yes they had enjoyed themselves and found some of the targets testing but interesting at the same time. Scores that I saw ranged from 37 to 61, quite a mixed bag. At the SportTrap Jason wasn’t exactly run of his feet with only the equivalent of two and a half squads being put through, again this was probably down to the weather. Hope you enjoyed yourselves, see you all back here on the 3rd October.
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