GROUND RULES 1. All CPSA safety rules apply. (Safety Instruction is offered free to everyone). If you are unsure about any aspect of safety, please ask one of the coaches / instructors. 2. Coaching or Tuition is not permitted on shooting stands, unless qualified to do so and with the shoot organisers permission. (Although advice can be given from a safe distance from behind the stand). 3. Persons not holding a valid shotgun certificate or, who have not shot before must make themselves known when signing the guest book; the shoot organiser will then ensure they are under safe supervision. 4. Horseplay, alcohol and drugs are unacceptable at any time on the shooting ground. 5. Children must be accompanied by an adult, and wear hearing and eye protection at all times. 6. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. 7. All shooters are responsible for picking up and placing their spent cartridge cases in the bins provided. 8. No live game or vermin to be shot at this ground. 9. If a trap malfunction occurs seek assistance from the shoot organiser. DO NOT approach the trap. 10. Viewing Targets. See a pair (ONE PAIR ONLY) as a group from outside of the cage (no advantage to the first shooter) then shoot in turn as usual. 11. All members and visitors must be aware of the safety rules. 12. Fibre Wad only: No Steel Shot SAFETY RULES 1. Treat every gun as if it were loaded, and with the utmost respect at all times 2. Make sure your gun is in a fit condition to shoot, and in current NITRO PROOF. 3. Gun or cartridge malfunctions A. DO NOT OPEN THE GUN B. Point the gun down range and wait for 20 seconds C. Open the gun with the chamber facing away from you and remove the cartridge(s). D. Check the barrels for blockages or any other damage 4. Do not mix different size cartridges ie 20 and 12 bore - 28 and 20 bore; carry only the correct gauge for your gun 5. A maximum of two (2) cartridges to be loaded at any one time into semi auto’s. 6. When carrying a gun, it must be open and seen to be empty, if using a semi auto, the bolt should be back and empty at all times (a safety flag is advised) Guns must be open before being fully removed from the gun slip. 7. Guns will be broken at all times. MOUNTING -POINTING-AIMING of guns in or any part of the shooting ground is not allowed. Except on the shooting range or designated area. 8. Eye and ear protection shall be worn at all times when in the shooting area. Above all common sense should be applied. You are your own Safety Officer Covid-19 Follow the Governments guide lines